Nominee for the Goodread Member Choice Award 2017

A Night Sky Full Of Stars

Published April 2017

A Night Sky Full Of Stars by Bealevon Nolan - Cover

The Story

Helsinki, 1952.
Two former sharpshooters meet as athletes at the XV Summer Olympics: Andre, a handsome French tailor, and courageous Juvven, a Finish Saami working for the Soviet Union as a guard. Their hot fling ends much too soon when both men have to return to their countries.
But neither can forget the other.
Andre takes a chance and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.
Can their love survive, despite the impenetrable Iron Curtain and with the Gulag prison system firmly in place?

WARNING: In addition to depictions of violent combat and death, which some readers may find objectionable, this book contains graphic sex scenes and is unsuitable for underage readers.