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I started writing my own lbgt romance stories being inspired by well known authors like Megan Derr, Eli Easton, Amber Kell, Aleksandr Voinov, Lexi Ander and others. These books include not "just" romance and love between the male heroes, but also action, adventures and fights. I hope you will enjoy what you read...
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Latest Book Release

Bealevon Nolan ebook - A Night Sky Full Of Stars

My latest release.

Goodreads Award Nominee

I´m proud "A Night Sky Full Of Stars" was nomineed for the "Goodreads M/M Romance Members Choice Award" in November 2017

The Story

Helsinki, 1952.
Two former sharpshooters meet as athletes at the XV Summer Olympics: Andre, a handsome French tailor, and courageous Juvven, a Finish Saami working for the Soviet Union as a guard. Their hot fling ends much too soon when both men have to return to their countries.
But neither can forget the other.
Andre takes a chance and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.
Can their love survive, despite the impenetrable Iron Curtain and with the Gulag prison system firmly in place?

M/M romance!

Halloween In Space by Bealevon Nolan

The Story

Even on a family space cruiser tradition has to be followed and Halloween is an important day.
Therefore the offspring of the owners have their plans.
So have their parents…

M/M romance!


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